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Co-Sponsor & Key Personnel

Frixmon Michael is co-founder and Co-CEO of Avant Tax. He has more than 15 years experience in corporate liaisoning, banking, taxation and accounting. He has been a helping hand to hundreds of business owners in developing and growing their businesses. He is also a Certified Life Coach and the President & CEO of Zenith Life Concepts, specialized in Individual, Business, & Tax – Free Income Coaching.

Frixmon Michael is a proponent of the idea that ”you deserve to have a life of success and significance”, He explains that the secret of winning life is determining your values and then making life choices based on those values. Frixmon Michael is also known for his charitable and philanthropic interests. After the Christmas tornado of 2015, Frixmon Michael was recognized by the City of Rowlett and Garland, Texas for his fundraising efforts which helped in rebuilding the local neighborhoods. Frixmon Michael is also the BOD at many Socio-Economic Forums in the United States.

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